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It's basically a situation where two or more threads are blocked forever waiting for each other to release an acquired monitor to proceed further. Let me try ... or at least minimize the possibility to a great extent with a better design.
Thread.State enumeration contains the possible states of a Java thread in the underlying JVM. These states are different from the Operating System thread ... case the wait ends automatically after the completion of the timeout period.
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ThreadLocal in Java - what is it used for? As the name suggests this Java library class is used for supporting thread-local variables - the variables ... but again an override of the childValue method might change this behavior as well.
Concurrent execution of static and non-static synchronized methods in Java | Java Thread Question We have a scenario where we have a static synchronized method ... locks which may be acquired at the same time by two different threads
Java Interview | start() method vs run() method in Java | Java Thread public void start() - this method is responsible for causing the thread (it' ... () method of the thread once the CPU Scheduler picks this scheduled thread for execution
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