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public static void main(String [] args) - this is the signature of the main method in Java. public' access specifier means that the method can be ... the main method overloaded. You probably need to check your design before doing this.
Vector: This class implements an array which can grow/shrink at run time depending upon the number of elements added or removed from it. ... any other method than what the Iterators provide will cause a ConcurrentModificationException
No you cant access non static variable in static context because static context are loaded in memory when the class is loaded where as non static variables are instance variables and are created only when object is created
Answer of this tricky question in Java is that finally block will execute even if you put return statement in try block or catch block but finally block won't run if you call System.exit form try or catch.
Hello, I have face this question most of time in java interview question and my below answer can make you clear the difference 1. By Using comparable interface sorting logic(compareTo(Object obj ... .getName()); } } }
This element of the Deployment Descriptor (web.xml) is used to determine the order of initializing the particular servlet when the application server starts up. The content of ... > <load-on-startup>3</load-on-startup> </servlet> ......
At time of deserialization by below code FileInputStream out= new FileInputStream("c://ser//ser.txt"); ObjectInputStream outs= new ObjectInputStream( ... )outs.readObject(); Throwing Exception java.lang.ClassCastException . Please guide
What is the use of serialization in java in lay man understanding ? I know it in tech terms please explain in real term how it helps to a web application like e-commerce website etc.
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Logic: characters are converted to lower case by adding 32 with the ASCII value of Uppercase Letter. For example, ASCII value of Capital A' is 65, adding 32 with 65 becomes 97 ... } } return inputLineT.toString(); } }
Java programming question which generally ask by interviewer to freshers to check or detect duplicate elements in Array in Java Below Code public class ... .isDuplicate(noDuplicateaArray); } } Anothers cosde please ?
Though, performance is also a reason (assuming you are already aware of the internal String pool maintained for making sure that the same String object is used more than once ... one (i.e., the one which was used to create the File object).
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