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Hello Friends, Last saturday during interview of Hybris developer for company BORN group , i got question from core java where he asked that "How you reverse a int ... ; System.out.println("Reversed array is "); printArray(arr, 6); } }
doGet() and doPost() are Http requests handled by servlet classes. doGet() is faster than doPost() doPost() is secured than doGet() In doGet(), the ... data has to be sent. Example: sending login credentials i.e user id and password
Yes , we can override init(ServletConfig config) into servlet , but when you retrive ServletCofig object into inside servlet give Nullpointer ... and enviornment information to particular servlet through init(ServletConfig config) .
Servlet Context is used per Web apllication so we can't use more than one Context,Servlet Config is per servlet or per Jsp so you can use the more than one Config
When i try to run my program getting below error The server does not support version 3.0 of the J2EE Web module specification.
This element of the Deployment Descriptor (web.xml) is used to determine the order of initializing the particular servlet when the application server starts up. The content of ... > <load-on-startup>3</load-on-startup> </servlet> ......
Nothing strange will happen The destroy() method will simply be called/executed and the control will return back to the next instruction in the init() ... supposed to call destroy() explicitly and hence they should avoid calling it
Difference between getRequestDispatcher method of the ServletRequest interface and that of the ServletContext interface? | J2EE Concept RequestDispatcher ... ) method to obtain RequestDispatcher for resources in foreign contexts.
Should you need a refreshed understanding of what HTTP Sessions are and why are they actually needed, All the three techniques of HTTP session maintenance namely ... , etc., but the article is based on IBM WebSphere Application Server.
These blocks are similar to the static initialization blocks with the only difference being the absence of the 'static' keyword. The Java compiler copies all ... that method, so choosing 'protected' as the access specifier should be fine.
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