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how to customize plateform code without creating extension in hybris | core concept in hybris

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As you know hybris provide extension concept to customize any OOB hybris functionality means suppose if you want any change in out of box functionality then you need to create your own extension then you can do

But i have question suppose your customization is very simple i.e. only a simple change in (may be java file or xml) in plateform code can achieve your customization 

So my question is how to customize plateform code in hybris?

As you know after hybris ant build there is config folder created in hybris directory as below 


if you see inside config folder there is customize folder is also there and by using this folder you can replace plateform code 

Suppose in hybris plateform there one file 

which you want to replace with your own customize java file

then put same file in same way (create same directory structure - platform\ext\platformservices\src\de\hybris\platform\catalog\ inside customize folder 

then do ant customize  - it will make replace plateform file

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Hi thanks for sharing,

I have a question about this customize folder.
How can I push to github only this customize folder? Is there any way?
answered Jan 30 by Çağlar