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How make you extension as extension template available for ant extgen command.

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As you allready know that ant extgen command is used for create extension in hybris

when you type command

> ant extgen


below comes to console
[input] Please choose a template for generation.
[input] Press [Enter] to use the default value ([yempty], yaddon, yacceleratorfulfilmentprocess, ychinaacceleratorstorefront, ycommercewebservices, ycommercewebservic


so in above all yempty, yaddon etc comes option as extension template

so my question how to make your own extension as extension template available for ant extgen command

It is very simple answer , in your extension's extensioninfo.xml file put below line


<meta key="extgen-template-extension" value="true" />


After that your extension will available as extension template for ant extgen


1 Answer

after following the same, the extension does appear in the options for extgen, however for somereasons the the same extgen fails. stating e
answered Nov 24, 2017 by Sourav