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Important point of Store Locator in Hybris | Point that Help during Store Locator Customization in Hybris

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Some time there is need to customize Store Locator in Hybris. Below point that can help you during customization of store Locator in Hybris

  • The geographical information is saved in a pointOfService.
  • Any item to be searched must be associated to a pointOfService.
  • Each point of service may have an OpeningSchedule with the opening times.
  • A defaultLocation associates a pointOfSale with GPS coordinates.
  • A locationDTOWrapper associates a POJO address with GPS coordinates.
  • The interface GPS represents a geographical position
  • LocationService: Finds the list of nearest pointOfServices (Locations) to a town, postal code or GPS coordinate. 
    • Getting locations from neighborhood
    • Getting locations near a temporary location, e.g. my current location.
    • CRUD operations on locations
  • LocationMapService: It finds the same as LocationService but it returns a map.
  • GeoWebServiceWrapper: This interface is used to integrate geocoding services.
  • There is a default integration for GoogleMaps. It generates geographical information from addresses. It uses two methods:
    • Javascript for geocoding the address entered by the customer
    • HTTP Requets for geocoding points of services using the geocodingCronJob.
  • Google don't allow to save the GPS information for more than 30 days and it must be used in a Google Map. To meet these legal requirements a mock implementation is shipped with the basecommerce extension
  • MapService: Generates maps with the given points of service.
  • RouteService
  • Use Case
    • Geocode the address of the customer
    • Get nearby points of services
    • Use them to create a map
    • The customer choose a point
    • Return the route to that point.
  • To use the extension the locations of the base store must be configured. The geocodingCronJob will then get the GPS coordinates.
  • Steps to activate the buy and pick up functionality

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