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What is role of jalosession in Hybris : most asked hybris interview question

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Sometime developer stuck to give simple hybris interview question like JaloSession is moslty aware by developers but when Interviewer assked what is  role of jaloSession then you can stuck but now below is clear answer

The Jalo layer in hybris is depreacted, not the jalosession.

Whenever a request is made to hybris server, it may need current user details, currency, language, timezone etc to serve that request efficiently. Since HttpSession does not hold all these details, hybris came up with the concept of JaloSession.

Whenever a request comes to Hybris, the filter HybrisInitFilter creates an object of JaloSession. Every JaloSession object is associated with a SessionContext object, which has current user, language, currency etc and the current httpSession object.

–Cron Jobs also run in a JaloSession.

-Each JaloSession is bound to a tenant. This cannot be changed, after the instance of JaloSession is created.

-JaloSession is never made persistent in database.

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