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what is Punchout in Hybris ?

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is this Responsive HTML Framework

or B2B Accelerator ?

Bit of Confusion :)

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Punchout is not hybris term. It's a term in eprocurement. When user moves from their eProcurment system to eCommerce site for purchasing a product. That process is defined as punchout. There is also other term related with it called RoundTrip which is moving from eProcurment system to ecommerce site and back to eProcurement system.
answered Jan 13, 2016 by Manikandan

In Hybris Context, B2B Punch-Out Support is basically a communication between the Customer's  procurement system and the Punch-out-ready B2B site (Hybris).

1)  The punch-out feature allows a buyer to shop and save the items in carts on B2B site, as a requisition in the buyer's procurement system.

2)  Given Purchase requisition, is sent for approval within the buyer's company.

3)  After the purchase is approved, the actual order is sent back to the supplier site(Hybris) for processing.

answered Jul 13, 2017 by Avneesh Saini