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Explain how to Configure Cron Job

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Any  inputs from hybris experts highly appreciated

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You probably want this cronJob to perform a custom action, for this you need to link up the cronJob with an actual action/task: the job itself. Create a bean that extends AbstractJobPerformable

Implements  "perform"  method.

Now in the hMC you can create your Cron Job

System  ->  CronJobs  >  Job point

to the bean you have created.

If you would like to do this from code you can use impex, for instance:

INSERT_UPDATE CronJob;code[unique=true];job(code);sessionLanguage(isocode);sessionCurrency(isocode)
INSERT_UPDATE Trigger;cronJob(code)[unique=true];cronExpression
;myCronJob;30 23 14 2 5 ? 2015

Assign to a String and import this impex
just execute in hac):
 final CSVReader importReader = new CSVReader(impEx);
final Importer importer = new Importer(importReader);
catch (final ImpExException e)

(If you are using 5.5.1: the triggers do not work properly if you indicate multiple execution times. No problem if you only specify a single execution time , we hope SAP will solve this)

answered May 2, 2015 by rajiv singhal (620 points)
Go through this link you will get basic idea on cronjob.
answered Dec 15, 2017 by Raj