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Create A Custom Data Hub (Input) Adapter

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I would like to know what are the steps involved in creating a custom source adapter in Data Hub. I am using the latest version of Hybris (6.4). I read the documentation regarding Custom Input and Output adapters but that did not help me that much.

This is what it says in the documentation regarding Custom Input adapters:

For your custom input adapter to be a success, you will need to understand and address the following:

  • The format of the data coming from the source system. CSV files, JSON objects, or XML file formats are some possibilities.
  • The delivery mechanism. Is it push-based, or pull-based delivery? Is the payload delivered via a REST call, or some other mechanism such as a hot folder or ftp?
  • Any pre-processing or data transformations that may be required. Usually this is minimal, but may be a consideration for some source data.
  • Any integrity guarantees you should provide before delivering the data to Data Hub.
  • The method you are using for delivering the data into Data Hub. For example, a pure Spring Integration approach, or some other method.
I have a few questions regarding Input Adapters:
  1. Is the the process in more detail to get the Input adapter to work:?, assume I am importing Product data.
    1. Have a way to to fetch data from my source database and make it into a CSV format.
    2. What do I do after I get the data? How do I send it to the Data Hub? I don't want to make it into a CSV file and load the CSV through a REST call. I want it to automatically send it to Data Hub. Ideally, I want the Data to be synced bi-directionally between Data Hub and Hybris. How would I trigger the load if I am using a REST call to import?
    3. Also, where do I create this Input Adapter? Inside Hybris? Or a standalone Maven application? Where do I place the jar of this Input Adapter? Inside /opt/datahub/extensions/? 
  2. Once I have data being able to load into Data Hub, how do I make it so that it can sync bi-directionally with Hybris? Would I need to use y2ysync extension? If yes, how can I do that? Is there an example?
I understand there are many questions in this one question, but they are all part of the one question (How to make a Custom Input Adapter?).
If you don't know the answer to all of these questions, but to part of it, please help me and answer.
Thank You!

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